2021/2022 Fees

  • r Therapist/Practitioners qualified under Instructors registered with the Hijama Association of South Africa
    Annual Registration
    • R500 per annum.
    • Formal Membership.
    • Practitioner’s details listed on website.
    • Optional insurance.

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  • R Independent practitioners who have studied elsewhere
    Annual Registration
  • Independent practitioners who wish to register with HASA will :

    • Pay a fee to write and pass the exam set by HASA.
    • Provide proof of certification from intuition studied at.

    Thereafter will :

    • Have to pay the R500 annual fee in order to receive all benefits provided by HASA.

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Following the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW) It is reported that Nabi (SAW) said: “indeed in cupping (Hijama there is a cure”) {Saheeh Muslim 5706}