What we offer

  • All therapist/practitioners are highly skilled in performing this Sunnah act.
  • HASA will provide ongoing support and assistance to all registered members.
  • HASA will provide a database of all its members with contact details and the areas they practice in.
  • Any complaints regarding practitioners/therapist will be forwarded directly to HASA who will in turn reply to the complained after discussions and investigations with those concerned.
  • In order to bridge the gap between practitioners/therapists who have qualified under the Rahmat Hijama/Cupping & Wellness and individual practitioners who have studied elsewhere, The Hijama Association offers a bridging course set according to the Rahmat Hijama/Cupping & Wellness centre’s  syllabus ; ensuring that we uphold and maintain the standards set by HASA.
  • Members are to ensure that their workstations and apparatus are always clean and sterile to ensure there are no health risks.
  • All practitioners/therapists are to have an indemnity signed by each patient with patient’s medical history is recorded in a systematic manner for ease of reference.
  • All members of HASA who have been trained as practitioners and who have registered with HASA can only practice in the field of Hijama (wet cupping, dry cupping, massage cupping and facial cupping) under NO circumstances can a practitioner instruct or teach Hijama to other individuals or companies unless he/she has completed levels 1, 2 and 3 under the Rahmat Hijama/cupping & Wellness Centre.
  • Any individual who provides false information and claims that he/she belongs to the Hijama Association will be liable to pay a fine, if found guilty. We will not tolerate anyone to tarnish our name.
  • As HASA continues to grow to a larger number members will be checked on by inspectors appointed by the Association to ensure their conduct is of a satisfactory nature.
  • HASA has the authority to cancel the member’s certificate to practice under the Association’s banner if he/she is found to be negligent in their duties and not upholding the standards set out by the association after inspection.

Following the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW) It is reported that Nabi (SAW) said: “indeed in cupping (Hijama there is a cure”) {Saheeh Muslim 5706}